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2020 Year In Miles

2020 Year In Miles

I think everyone agrees 2020 was the worst year in a long time.  Especially for those of us that like to travel.  It was the first time in many years that I didn’t leave the USA.  Instead I did a cross country train trip followed by a road trip around the West.  Hotels and airlines offered some amazing deals just to try to get some income during COVID.  I did a number of “work from hotels” trips just for a change of scenery (while always taking precautions).

Miles Flown: 33,273 (butt in seat)

Miles Driven on Summer Road Trip: 4,403

Miles on the California Zephyr Train: 2,438

Nights Spent Traveling: 83

Number of Flights: 27

Airlines Flown: 1 (Alaska Airlines)

Number of Unique Airports Visited (*New airport in 2020): 12

Great Circle Mapper

Shortest Flight: 211 miles (ALW-SEA)

Longest Flight: 2,867 miles (KOA-SEA)

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