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How to Status Match Hotel Loyalty to Caesars Rewards Diamond

How to Status Match Hotel Loyalty to Caesars Rewards Diamond

If you have elite status with a hotel chain, it is very easy to get free Caesars Rewards Diamond status.  If you are going to Las Vegas, this can get you free/discounted rooms, no resort fees, $100 dining credit, free shows and more.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Join Caesars Rewards – If you haven’t already done so, join Caesars Rewards.  If you sign up through this link, you will also get a bonus 500 Tier Credits.

Step 2: Status Match Your Current Hotel Elite Status to Wyndham Rewards

Click through to this site to join Wyndham Rewards and then request a status match.  You will need to upload proof of your status (I would suggest a PDF or screen shot of your status from the program website).
The following status will get you Wyndham Rewards Diamond which is what you will need.  Remember that many credit cards offer these levels of status so you don’t actually have to have any stays.

Step 3: Match Wyndham Rewards Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond – After you have been matched to Wyndham Rewards Diamond status, click through to this site and click “I’m a Wyndham Rewards member – MATCH MY STATUS” on the RIGHT side of the screen.

It may take a week or so to complete all the pieces, so make sure to do it a bit before your trip to Las Vegas.  Note that it is possible to status match back from Caesars to Wyndham during the month of January so you, essentially, can keep both statuses indefinitely.

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