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Airport Business Lounge Tallinn (TLL)

Airport Business Lounge Tallinn (TLL)

The Tallinn airport is small but quite modern.  The one lounge is the generically named Business Lounge (Äriklassi Lounge in Estonian) located on the second floor just prior to the gates area.

Access is for business class passengers on certain airlines, those with Priority Pass, or those willing to pay €30 to enter.

It is a lovely lounge, especially for such a small airport.  It feels new and well maintained.  There is plenty of seating throughout.

There are booths for those wanting to make a phone call or for privacy.

There is a second, smaller room near the bathrooms.

There is also an outdoor patio where smoking is allowed.

Food options include a salad bar in addition to soup and sandwiches.

The alcohol is self service.  There is one beer on tap and two wine options in addition to liquor.

Tallinn airport is a great small airport.  The lounge is a nice surprise and pleasant place to spend some time before a flight.

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