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Convert Your Virgin America Travel Bank to Alaska Airlines Credit

Convert Your Virgin America Travel Bank to Alaska Airlines Credit

If you have traveled on Virgin America, you may very well have a balance in your Travel Bank.  Virgin America offers credits for customer service issues such as broken in-flight entertainment, delays, and offering to get bumped.  I have a total of $276 in my Virgin America Travel Bank.

Well, as we all know, Virgin America was purchased by Alaska Airlines and will no longer exist in a few short months.

Today I reached out via Twitter to the team at Alaska and quick was told the following regarding transfer of funds:

All you have to do is visit and enter your Travel Bank log in information.  For me, it was my email and a password I selected when I first had funds in my Travel Bank.

If you don’t know your Travel Bank account info, I would suggest searching your old emails.  Every time you get a credit, Virgin America emails you with your info.

If you don’t know your info, you can try entering your Virgin America Elevate log in information.

You can also reset your Travel Bank log in and password here:

Once you sign in, you be shown your balance and asked if you want to convert it to an Alaska Airlines credit certificate.

You will be sent two emails within 72 hours.  UPDATE: I received my certificate via email about 24 hours after the request.  One email is the certificate code and the other is the PIN.  You can then add the funds to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Wallet for future travel or book right away.

Do you have Travel Bank funds you are looking to transfer over?  Did you run into any problems with the transfer?

Read more about Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan here.

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