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Alaska Airlines Premium Class

Alaska Airlines Premium Class is the new “Economy Plus” class being rolled out across the airline’s 737-800, -900 and E175 aircraft.  The new Premium Class officially launches on flights with retrofitted aircraft starting January 5, 2017.  Alaska Airlines Premium Class can be purchased starting today.

Premium Class comes at a premium cost, from $15 (+tax) up to $79 (+tax) per flight depending on distance.

The benefits of the Alaska Airlines Premium Class are:

If your aircraft has not been retrofitted, you can still pay $15 for a “Preferred Plus” seat that includes early boarding and one drink.

Of note, Exit Rows are not considered Premium Class.

Mileage Plan members with elite status (MVP or above) may select a Premium Class seat immediately at booking IF you are ticketing into the proper fare class (and a seat is available).

MVP – Y, Z, S, or B

MVP Gold – Y, Z, S, B, M, H, Q, L, V N, or K

MVP Gold 75K – Any fare class

If you don’t book into an included fare, you can still be upgraded beginning 72 hours prior to departure.  Upgrades will follow Alaska’s new upgrade rules.  The new upgrade order is elite status, THEN fare class, THEN time of booking.  MVP Gold passenger will always be upgraded before an MVP, but an MVP that books in M fare class will be upgraded before an MVP booked in V.  Guest Gold Upgrades still get the passenger in First Class (NOT Premium Class).

The reconfigured 737-900s will be keeping the full 4 rows of First Class (16 seats).  The 737-800s are dropping down to 3 rows of First Class (12 seats).  Alaska is hoping to have half their fleet reconfigured by the Alaska Airlines Premium Class launch in January and the rest of the planes by the end of 2017.

Alaska Airlines posted this video about their new Premium Class:

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