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JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match Promotion

There has been much chatter in the blogosphere regarding the JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match promotion.  I won’t go in to the details as you can find detailed info here here or here.  Many are using rather strong language including calling it the most exciting promotion of the year.  The JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match Promotion (details) is definitely one of those promotions that gets buzz with good reason.

My Experience

I have flown JetBlue all of once in my life and that was a quick flight from Las Vegas to Long Beach.  I would tell you my thoughts on it but I honestly don’t remember the < 1 hour flight.

The JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match promotion matches (and then some) your Virgin America points to JetBlue points after one roundtrip flight.  Well, I’ve never flown Virgin America and have zero VX points.  So I did what any travel hacker would do and transferred some points in to my VX Elevate account.

I transferred 40,000 SPG points to Virgin America.  With the transfer bonus, I received 50,000 Virgin America Elevate points.  In order to get the best deal with the JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match promotion, you need at least 50,001 points in your Elevate account.  So I transferred 1,000 Membership Rewards points to top off my Elevate account at 50,500 points.

I figured worse case scenario I would have 50,500 Virgin America Elevate points that I could either use for flights or wait until Virgin America and Alaska Airlines combine their frequent flier plans.

I sent in my email for the promotion on Saturday, June 25 at 7:58am PT.  I received notice of my approval on Monday, June 27 at 6:01pm PT with no fuss.

Subsequently I status matched from Alaska Mileage Plan to JetBlue Mosaic (sorry, that promo has ended).

The final step of the JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match promotion is to fly one round trip on JetBlue before August 31, 2016.  I decided to use my Citi ThankYou points to book a SEA-LGB flight as ThankYou points can be redeemed at a rate of 1.3 cents per point when purchasing airline tickets.

In the end, I will have transferred a total of 40,000 SPG points, 1,000 Membership Rewards Points, and redeemed 16,000 ThankYou points.  For this I will get 50,500 Virgin America Elevate points, 75,000 JetBlue TrueBlue points, and a round trip flight to Long Beach.

JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match Promotion Confusion

However, there has been some confusion about the promotion, started it seems in this DansDeals thread.  Would JetBlue back out of the promotion?  Would they only match Virgin America points earned by flying and not transferring from another program?

I reached out to JetBlue with some of my questions.  Here is the official response (sic, in bold) I received:

So there you have it.  I am not the only one that has received response confirming the JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match promotion is still on.  It seems as if JetBlue is getting their communication in order to make sure people have confidence that they will receive the benefits of the promotion.  Good on JetBlue for sticking with this.

UPDATE: After flying my roundtrip on July 10, my 75,000 points posted on July 15.


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