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Oneworld Business Class Lounge LAX

oneworld Business Class Lounge LAX

The oneworld Business Class Lounge LAX is located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal on Level 5 near all the other lounges including the Emirates lounge.  Information about who can access this lounge can be found here.

If you are coming from Terminals 4-6 you can now access the lounge without having to exit and re-enter security by going through the new terminal connector.  If you go this route, the terminal connecter spits you out on level 5; it is just a short walk down to the oneworld Business Class Lounge LAX.  Don’t go down the escalators, just keep going on the same level.

The signs for the lounge specifically list Qantas, Cathay Pacific and British Airways, but in truth it is the business class lounge for all oneworld carriers.

The lounge is huge, as it needs to be with the number of passengers that have access to it.  It is laid out in a large loop around an atrium.  There are no windows to the outside or runway; the only natural light comes in through the atrium skylight.  It is a rather dark lounge overall.

Starting from the entrance and going counterclockwise around the lounge you first come to the bar.

Beyond the bar is a circular seating area with a fire pit like structure in the middle.  In my photo it is empty but by the time I left to catch my flight it had filled up.

Continuing on in the loop you next come to the buffet.  I found the food items to be underwhelming; however there are options that you could have a true meal if you wanted.  There was one meat dish available as well as a salad bar.

My favorite option was the juice bar where you could pick out fruits and veggies and then put them in the juicer to make your own drink.

The rest of the loop of the lounge was mostly seating in various configurations.

At the end of the loop was a business center with computers for passengers use.

There were also a large number of shower suites available for use.  When I was there no one seemed to be using them, in fact one whole block of the suites was closed off.  The suites were nice and would do the trick if you needed a shower before your flight and I doubt you would need to wait to get one.

Overall the oneworld Business Class Lounge LAX is a nice option for spending some time before your flight.  However, if you are looking for some good food there are much better options at LAX.  As for a lounge in the USA, it far surpasses Delta Sky Clubs, Alaska Board Rooms, AA Admirals Clubs or even AA Flagship Lounges.  I would say it is on par with Amex Centurion Lounges.

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