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Emirates First Class Lounge (DXB)

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai

When flying DXB-BKK in First, I was able to pay a visit to the Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai in Terminal 3 Concourse A before departure.  There are currently three concourses in Terminal 3 that Emirates flights depart from; my understanding is that Concourse A has the largest and most updated First Class Lounge.  I can’t imagine a lounge anywhere being bigger.

When you first arrive at DXB Terminal 3 there is an entire check in hall devoted to First and Business Class passengers.  The first desks are for First Class passengers while the next set is for Business Class check in.

Once you make your way through the new but soulless hall (a term that could be used to describe most of Dubai), you go through security and have to join up with the Economy Class commoners to take a train to your concourse (I believe it is also possible to walk).  Concourse A’s train stop opens up in the grand multistory hall with elevators that take you to the departure level.

When exiting the lifts there is signage that directs you straight ahead to the Business Class and First Class Lounges.

The fourth floor houses both the Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai as well as the Timeless Spa.  As a First Class passenger, you get a free 15 minute spa treatment.  I chose the foot massage which was a nice start to my day.

As you enter the Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai you first check in with the staff.  The rest of the lounge, which sprawls over most of the fourth floor, is beyond these desks.

When you are ready to board your flight, you are able to board directly form the lounge.  Gates are spread out throughout the lounge, so first thing to do is to check the map to find out where your flight will leave from.  As the lounge is a nearly exact mirror image on both sides, you should stick to the side where you find your gate.

Each side of the lounge has a few main points of interest: full service restaurant, showers, snack lounge, and bars.  There is also a cigar bar and duty free shopping on both sides and PLENTY of seating all over.  The Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai is larger than some airport terminals I have been to.

The lounge is open in the middle with the departure level below and the Business Class Lounge above so it has an open feel.

Depending on the amount of time you have given yourself before your flight, one of the first places you will want to visit is the Fine Dining room.  It is a full service restaurant that, of course, is all inclusive.  It overlooks the departure level and gates with large windows that allow in a lot of natural light.  The dining room was busy but not full when I was there for a morning flight.  The food was very good, and although I had already had breakfast at the hotel, I couldn’t turn down the experience of dining in the lounge!

When I finished breakfast I headed towards my gate where there was another area with a buffet and bar as well.  And of course, more seating.

The bathrooms were large and plentiful as well.  See a pattern?  Grand and excessive.

I didn’t check out the showers as I was running out of time and had already showered (and would be showering on my flight anyway!).

When it came time to depart, I had a quick walk to my gate where there was a devoted agent for the few of us that were in First Class.  Once through ticketing, you take an elevator to the First Class boarding area and are on the plane.  Very slick process.

The Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai embodies the Emirates spirit; big, grand, and flashy.  Emirates does an excellent job; however later in my trip I would realize that understated elegance can also make for a good, if not better, flying experience.

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