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Best Travel Pants for Men: North Face Kilowatt

Best Travel Pants for Men
I would suggest wearing a shirt while flying…

I have found it difficult to find good pants that I can travel in.  I want something that is comfortable but doesn’t make me look like a slob.  My search for the best travel pants for men has brought me to my current pair of North Face Kilowatt Pants.

Historically I fly in jeans because this is what I usually wear period.  But jeans are not comfortable while flying.  They don’t stretch.  They aren’t that breathable.  When you get the 35,000 foot bloats jeans are not forgiving.

The Kilowatt pants are stretchy.  They have a draw string so no belt is needed.  They are very lightweight and breathable.  They pack small and area easy to wash.  And they don’t really look like hiking pants or pajamas or even warm up/track pants.

The best part is that they have zipper pockets so you can keep your passport or wallet safe and not have to worry (as much) about pickpockets.

I found my pair on sale for about $45 at Macy’s.  I would suggest getting a size larger than you might normally think.  I wore them on my flight from Dallas to Beijing and they were perfect for sleeping on the plane and racing from gate to gate.  When I wasn’t wearing them during my trip I had them folded tightly in my bag and they came out without wrinkles.

They go well with casual shoes (I wouldn’t wear them with leather boots, but then again you shouldn’t fly in boots).

I won’t go back to flying in jeans anytime soon, I just wish I had found these earlier.  What do you think are the best travel pants for men?

UPDATE: MilesperDay purchased the pants and mentioned that he doesn’t like fact that there is no zipper at the crotch.  The pants have a drawstring (i.e. no belt) so these are more similar to something like jogging pants.  Just an observation that some might not like about these pants.


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