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Amazon Fresh: Using my new Dash

Today I got home from a trip to the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, AZ.  Since traveling home can be one of the worst parts of the trip; I always like to make the transition into the “real world” as painless as possible.  This includes always having fresh sheets on the bed, clean towels, vacuumed living room and a well stocked fridge.

Living in Seattle, I make use of Amazon Fresh.  It is Amazon’s grocery delivery service.  Before I leave on a trip; I like to place an order and schedule it to be delivered around the time my flight lands.  The delivery person leaves the totes filled with my groceries at my front door.  I just move them in and put them away and am ready to go for the week.

Fancy little device and it was free. Free is always good.

Today I got an Amazon Fresh Dash; a nifty device that helps you order groceries.  It has two functions; you can dictate what you need to order with your voice (through a mic) or scan the barcode on the product you need using the laser barcode reader on the device.  It then updates you shopping list so you can go in and easily order.  Of course this is all about making it easier for you to spend money with Amazon, but I give them credit for being innovative in their approach!

I am not receiving any compensation or payment from Amazon for this post.  It is totally my opinion and does not an endorsement of Amazon.

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