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T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Samsung Pay 20,000 Points Promo

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Samsung Pay 20,000 Points Promo Samsung Pay is a contactless payment system that rewards you for each purchase you make using your phone.  I use it a lot and wrote about it here. UPDATE As predicted, the promotion is now life.  Visit to find out more.  However beware, the eligible T-Mobile stores… Read More »

Roku Stick and Month of Sling for $12.99

While the Roku Stick isn’t the best option for travel (it has a difficult time getting on hotel wifi), it is a handy portable device for watching streaming video. Roku has a ton of “channels” (basically apps): Netflix, Amazon video, HBO, Showtime, Sling, Hulu, YouTube, and so on. The Roku Streaming Stick typically costs $49.99.  However, depending… Read More »

Politics of Advertising

Are companies responsible for where their paid advertisements are placed in this age of digital media? Twitter user @slpng_giants believes they do.  And so do their (quickly increasing) followers. You may have heard about Kellogg’s pulling their ad from website Breitbart for their ties to white supremacists.  It has led to a boycott of the… Read More »